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I'm just trying to survive I guess. Feel free to ask me a question and I'll answer it as best I can if I'm awake. So, uh, see you...

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Anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on dealing with anal fissures? Especially making sure they don't come back after they've healed? They're common in chrons patients


I’ve got one and just trying to bathe in Epsom salts as often as I can and use a barrier like Vaseline as often as I can. Also baby wipes are a big no no too

yo just adding onto this, but ANY cream that’s moisturizing. It helps a ton. My doctor prescribed Degan’s Cream or something like that. And it worked so well.

ask-lee-twdg asked:

"Do you want to tell me what really happened?"


"I already told you what happened, Lee. I just…fell…”

"Yeah, right. And my stump’s just a paper-cut." Sarcasm laced every word.


I really REALLY wanna do an RP where Lee’s wife shows up again… Someone? Please?

aw shit now I wanna do a thread where his ex turns up…




aww man this song

it can be related to SO MANY twdg characters. Jesus sometimes I hate this playlist.

But sometimes (and only sometimes) it comes out with GEMS like this.


i ship it


my follower count is 969…

pixiecoveredinguts said: (He knows what is up ;))

He WATCHED me play the episode. So he DEFINITELY knows what’s up xD I just cannot stop laughing now though omfg DAD

im fucking crying

All I Wanna Do by Halestorm just came on the radio

and my dad, without missing a beat, turned around and said

hey Amy, it’s Jane’s song!

It’s a song about a one night stand. WHAT THE FUCK DAD


how about no


how about no